n〓ths this year, cons

ew ones. I● think

u◆mption grew faster■ in rural areas than■ in urban are○as, making a c◆onsiderable co◆ntribution● to


the recovery ■of the economy.Qi Ji〓ngmei, research fe〓llow of State Inf●ormation Center, s■aid, "Consum●ption will p■robably reach a grow○th rate of ove〓r 16 perce●nt this ye●ar. The continuou〓s and fast● growth of c○onsumption is a○ lasting bo○ost for this y◆ear's GDP g◆rowth target of ●eight percent. "But ◆boosting consum〓ption should not o○nly depend ■on prefere

nti●al policies.Q■i Jingmei also said〓, "The effect of the○se policies ○is falling. Farmer○s' income i

s ●increasing, but is

o■ boosted Dolor Sit

s●till low co〓mpared with that of● urban residents."Ex○perts say ■the ultimate way 〓to boost cons〓um


ption is to increa●se people's inco■me.Encourag■ed by the r〓ollout of prefe〓rential national pol●icies to promote o●utbound inv●estments, Chinese 〓enterprises are b○usy shopping for fo◆reign mergers and〓 acquisition〓s.The quest◆ion is whether● this new ent○husiasm will t■ranslate in●to the kind ◆of success● stories tha○t will justif〓y the strat◆egy.Accord◆ing to one survey b■y the China Counc○il for the◆ Promotion of In◆ternationa●l Trade earlier 〓this year, o〓nly a third o●f the mergers a○nd acquisitio●ns by Chinese■ companies were co■nsidered s○uccessful."Ther〓e have bee○n few smar■t deals, as far○ as I know,"◆ said Thom

as Ch■en, the China str〓ategy director for ●Interbrand, an inte◆rnational brand ●consulting firm.〓"T

he bigges●t problem is the m■ajority (of entrepre●neurs) have not dec◆ided what th



ey exp■ect to get ○from the deal.〓 The offers a〓re usually blin●d," Chen said.●Following this ●summer's report●s that four Ch○inese business■men will buy a◆n unspecified● stake in the Fre○nch fashion c●ompany Pierre Ca●rdin, analy◆sts were qui●ck to ask whether th〓e buyers had t■he expertise to r●evive the

an on bu

luxury○ brand.The purc◆hase for an und◆isclosed price◆ will allow

the Chi◆nese buyers◆ to take over the 〓brand and all busine

●ss in China.Foll■owing the news, a■

survey on Si●na.com report◆e

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